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Dear Chris

It’s 1:30am and i just home from your place. I’m up and no it’s not because i had 2 redbulls and a coffee or maybe i just never want to admit you’re almost always right, but in all seriousness i absolutely adore you.

Listening to everyone’s drama, and life transitions it hit me. Life is crazy, a life can change in a day and life is the craziest roller coaster. Sometimes it can be the highest roller coaster and sometimes it can hit a low point. Life is wild, but i realized… there is no other person i want to be buckled in next to on this wild ride than you. 

You take my breath away every single day, you support and inspire me even when maybe it’s not the best day for you. I’ll have to spend forever thanking you and i will. We’ve been THROUGH it. We hit many lows and many highs and there’s no saying we’re not going to have anymore hard times but we made it…. we’ve been through it and we MADE it. 

Against all odds, against everything, we still had hope…

I love that i’ve fallen in love with you again and i love that you’re my best friend again. This is one wild ride but boy am i loving it.


Anonymous said: I'm a 23 year old male and i've been following your blog for about 2 years. I'm excited that you're active on here again. I especially love when you write. Your posts about your relationship and the roller coaster you've been on has inspired me to get the girl i let go back. Just like you i found myself scared, i have family problems and the idea of love terrified me, due to your postings i'm determined to win her back. Your love inspires me. Wish me good luck?

I wish you weren’t anonymous! You deserve to be loved and i’m sorry you’re family taught you otherwise. I wish you luck and be patient. Chris and i tried many times before we got it right. If it’s meant to be it will be as cheesy and overused that sounds. I’m praying for you and i really hope your mission to get her back is successful! 


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